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We're afforded many incredible opportunities here on the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders, and we find ourselves counting our blessings on a regular basis. AFC has the amazing ability to open many doors we never thought were unlocked, and four-year veteran Margaret is a perfect example of this.

Veteran and co-captain Margaret M. was recently featured in a nationwide Reebok ad! (You thought that cutout you saw at the sporting goods store looked familiar!) I sat down with her to get some more info.

Sara D.: How did this all come about?

Margaret M.: This opportunity became available thanks to my talent agency. My headshot was sent in, and from there, I was chosen to audition with the casting agency. We did a short video interview where I showed my personality and then I ran around, stretched and proved I was an athlete. A couple of days later, I received a phone call and was asked to audition live in front of the clients. I was nervous! They had narrowed it down to about 10 naturally beautiful girls.

The stylist gave me and another finalist some Reebok apparel to put on and then we walked out in front of the Reebok creative team. I told them who I was and what I did to keep in shape and that was it. The very next day, my agent called to tell me I was chosen!

SD: What a cool experience! And exciting! So tell me, what was the shoot like?

MM: The shoot was incredible. Everyone there was so nice and made me feel like a superstar. The location was in an old brick building. I worked out with Kevin, an official Reebok trainer, who pushed me to my max even when the camera was off. I was paid to have fun and have an incredible workout with an awesome trainer! It was all about precision and executing all the exercises perfectly. He, along with the other Reebok staff, claimed they were very impressed and planned to use me in the future for Crossfit ads. Fingers crossed!

SD: That's awesome! Congrats! When was the current ad released to stores?

MM: The ad was released in March 2011 and will stay in stores until September 2011.

SD: Obviously, I want to check out your ad in person…so where can it be found?

MM: Fans can see me in every Dick's Sporting Goods Store in the Women's Reebok Apparel section.

SD: Do you have any similar opportunities on the horizon that we can tell fans about?

MM: Yes! I host and interview for "Get Connected" (it airs in 35 markets in the southeast), including Comcast OnDemand. I interview celebrities and cover events in Atlanta. I've had the honor to interview former WWE Champion Jack Swagger, mega-producer Will Packer, comedienne/actress Margaret Cho, legendary boxer Sugar Ray Lenard, and many more. Make sure to check 'em out!

Make sure to find Margaret in stores until September and keep your eye on Comcast On-Demand for her interviews! Want more info about Margaret? Check out her bio in the coming weeks here on

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Sara D.

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