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LBs, DTs Speak At The Combine


  • Kansas State LB Arthur Brown on his style of play: "My goal is to be where I need to be. Persuing to the ball is a key element to my game and any defensive game. That is something I strive to always consistently do, aggressively downhill, always making plays in open speed."
  • UGA LB Jarvis Jones on his spinal stenosis condition: "Not at all. Anybody who steps on that field has a chance of getting hurt. If you think about it like that, nobody would ever play football. For me, I'm just taking advantage of the opportunity. I love this game. I'm passionate about it. I know that I've got to be careful about my technique and how I play this game. Therefore, I do the extra stuff to protect my neck, to protect my shoulders. I saw a lot of doctors today and they weren't too concerned about what they saw. They thought I was fine. I don't know how people, how the coaches feel about taking me, but I think I'm fine. I heard a lot of good news today. So I'm excited."
  • LSU LB Kevin Minter on his decision to declare for the draft after his junior season: "It was my family. I'm tired of momma working. She's almost 70. It's time for her to stop. To be honest with you, it was time. I had a great season. I'll be honest with you. It's hard to leave that purple and gold. I love Baton Rouge and I love the fans. It was a hard decision but it was a decision I had to make for me and my family."
  • UGA LB Alec Ogletree on switching from safety to linebacker: "I've only been playing linebacker two years. It was a great transition for me at Georgia. We were in a 3-4 and while playing my freshmen year as a safety, I was basically able to learn the defense. With the move in the Spring to linebacker basically helped me stay on top of things. The safety works closely with the linebackers. We had a great coach in Kirk Olivadotti. He taught me a lot and I've just been working at it."
  • Alabama DT Jesse Williams on how his rugby background influences his play: "I think aggressiveness plays a pretty big part in playing the defensive line and especially hitting without pads and then here using pads. I wouldn't say it shaped my game, but it helped me being aggressive. I love this sport. I like being powerful and being able to control my body and use the techniques I have to be successful."
  • UGA DT John Jenkins on discussing his weight with teams: "I tell them you have nothing to worry about. It was the only time my football career ever that I was that high. It was the highest I had ever been at in my life. I didn't have the right knowledge of how I should have my weight and wasn't educated enough to keep my weight down. That's where I want to play so I can get the job down efficiently. They don't have anything to worry about; I'm going to do it."
  • Purdue DT Kawann Short on his performance at the Senior Bowl: "My whole goal going into the Senior Bowl was just being consistent. That was one of the main things that I was focused on, and getting feedback from the NFL, and from the different coaches that – ya know, my motor tends to die out. So my whole goal was to drop a little bit of weight, go into the Senior Bowl and try to be a guy that stands out."
  • UGA DT Kwame Geathers on lessons from his older brothers, Bengals' Robert and Indianapolis' Clifton: "Not just from Robert, but from both my brothers. (6-8, 300-pound Clifton is a 25-year-old defensive end for Colts.) They're both my role models. Just seeing them with everything they did and going to college gave me an advantage. I think it was a big advantage to see what I had to do to follow in their footsteps to be great.
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