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Keys to Victory: Falcons vs. Packers

It All Starts in the Trenches

For the Falcons to be successful on Sunday, it all starts in the trenches. Offensively, the line of scrimmage play will be a huge factor in the final outcome. Green Bay's formidable front presents many challenges, especially on third down. The Packers have the No. 1 ranked third-down defense, making it even more important for Atlanta's offensive line to execute without miscues.

"Offensively, it's really going to be a line of scrimmage day," head coach Dan Quinn said. "That's for us to get our run game going against a team that has a good run defense. It's going to involve protection; they'll give a good pressure package. The offensive line and our offense specifically are an extension of each other. The line of scrimmage day is going to be big."

Handle Aaron Rodgers

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is known for his ability to make plays while scrambling, and the Falcons will look to limit his production in this area. Rodgers is capable of making plays with his arm and his feet, and Quinn expects his defense to be ready for it all.

"[Aaron] Rodgers gets outside of the pocket; he rips [them] down the field." Quinn said. He believes the team's "ability to ball-hawk and handle the off-schedule plays" will be a key to success.

Make Green Bay Go the Length of the Field

Against a quarterback of Rodgers' caliber, it becomes that much more important to make him go the length of the field, and that's exactly what Atlanta will try to do.

Expect to see the Falcons' special teams unit flying down the field at the Georgia Dome on Sunday.

"Special teams wise, [it's] the speed of our cover units," Quinn said. "Let's make sure their drive starts are long. I think that will be one of the real keys that they have no short fields to make drives. They have a very explosive quarterback who knows where to go with the ball. Let's make sure they have to go a long way to go to get there."

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