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Keys to Victory: Falcons at Seahawks

The ball is everything

A big reason to why Atlanta has been successful of late has been their regard for the football. The Falcons are plus-three in the turnover margin, creating six takeaways, with only three turnovers on the offensive side of the ball.

Seattle's defense is full of players who have a knack for the football, having recorded four interceptions on the year in just four games.

Falcons head coach Dan Quinn, who was the defensive coordinator for the Seattle from 2013-2014, knows firsthand what the Seahawks' program is all about.

"Coach Carroll's teams, through his whole time as a head coach, have been terrific with the ball, and this year is no different," Quinn said. "That will be one of the biggest keys in this game; our ability to go after it defensively, and our ability to take care of it and [make] great decisions offensively."

Special teams are going to be 'special'

In a game that features two explosive offenses, led by two Pro Bowl quarterbacks, field position and where drive starts occur will play a huge role. If the Falcons can make Russell Wilson go the full length of the field, the chances of defensive success are much greater.

The Falcons' defense has only allowed four five-minute drives out of 55 total drives, which is tied for the sixth fewest opponent five-minute drives in the NFL.

"Special teams are going to be special," Quinn said. "Our run and hit factor is going to come to life. (Matt) Bosher on the big kicks, they have a good returner. It's the way we cover. Making them have to go a long distance for drives."

It all comes down to the finish

Quinn's group has shown they are a mentally tough football team, and in order to come out of CenturyLink Field with a win, they'll need to be exactly that on Sunday.

"Good game [with] good teams likely come down to the end," Quinn said. "For us, [it's] doing right longer and the mental toughness it will take to go the distance. We are going to try and out hit them for all four quarters."

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