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Keys to Victory: Falcons at Broncos

The Ball is 'Everything'

Similar to previous weeks, the ball remains a major emphasis for the Falcons and always will.

"Both teams are plus-three on the year, so that tells you both teams regard [the ball]," head coach Dan Quinn said. "They take care of it, they go after it. So that's one to bold and outline."

To put into perspective just how important the ball is for this team?

According to Stats LLC, of Matt Ryan's 140 passes thrown, his pass-catchers have only dropped one.

And when asked how this has been possible, All-Pro WR Julio Jones said it all goes back to attention on the ball.

"The ball is everything," Jones said. "We harp on it; we talk about it every team meeting. We have to go out there and protect everything."

The Falcons' defense, CB Robert Alford in particular, found a knack for the ball on Sunday versus the Panthers, recording two interceptions. Atlanta's pass rush has been ignited of late with three of their four total sacks. For every time the Falcons can get to the opposing quarterback, it presents another opportunity to knock the ball out of the opposing quarterbacks' hands.

Handle the Environment

The Falcons' two road games thus far have been at stadiums where crowd noise can play a major role in the final outcome, and Mile High Stadium might be the loudest stadium in the NFL.

"Knowing that we will handle to crowd noise, it's a great venue again like we've been in [similar to] New Orleans and Oakland]," Quinn said. "The communication with the crowd [noise] is always critical. For us to make sure we get to play like we like on our terms. The run game, the play action. We've got to be able to handle the good environment they will provide.

Atlanta's offense has made it a priority to be sound in communicating at the line of scrimmage, as they only have one false start in their two road games.

Fourth Quarter Finish is Everything

The No. 1 ranked Falcons' offense going up against the No. 5 ranked Denver defense is expected to be the game of the weekend, and the team that finishes will be the team that comes out on top.

"We are totally expecting a really tough game. In this fourth quarter, the finish will be at hand," Quinn said. "We've had some games like that already where it was called on for that. [It's] two really tough, competitive teams who are going to be going for it."

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