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Julio Jones Wants Falcons 'Hitting on All Cylinders'

During their first possession last week in Cleveland, Atlanta's first-team offense was able to build confidence by moving the ball downfield and scoring a touchdown during a nine-play, 72-yard drive.

Now, according to Julio Jones, the Falcons need to focus on eliminating mistakes and "continue to keep building" during Week 3 of the preseason, when he and the other starters are expected to play a big chunk of the contest.

"For me, I'm a team guy, so I just want everybody to go out there and by hitting on all cylinders," Jones said. "I'm going to do my part, we just have to go out there and move fast. We can't go out there and try to ease our way into things because, with the third preseason game, the ones usually play the first half. So when we get out there, we have to get rolling."

Now that the Falcons are in Year 2 of offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan's system, the offensive players who were around in 2015 are finding it easier to prepare and execute their jobs. This week marks the first time Atlanta has game planned for an opponent during the exhibition schedule, and for Jones, having a lot of experience in the scheme has made that process more efficient.

"It's been great for us, just the communication, getting plays in and out of the huddle and guys know what they're doing," Jones said. "For me it's my second year in the offense, so it's easier for me. Now I really see what we're going to go with the play calls and what routes go with (certain) concepts."

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