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Julio Jones, Matt Ryan Could Be Big Winners In Fantasy


Two Falcons that are expected to have big years in fantasy football this season are dependent on each other.

Without Matt Ryan, Julio Jones might not be able to do what he's expected to do and vice versa. A full year of offseason workouts that allow Ryan and Jones to spend time together on and off the field, many believe, will benefit the numbers both talents can put up.

Sure, Ryan is the leader of an offense under Dirk Koetter that is expected to utilize many of the facets of the Falcons O, but Jones is one of the central figures in the story line of the 2012 season.

A look at their final four games of the regular season last year, hints at the kind of production the two can put together over the course of the upcoming season.

In those last four games, Jones averaged five catches for 98 yards and 1.5 touchdowns. He scored a touchdown in four straight games, including two against Carolina and Tampa in Weeks 14 and 17.

Ryan averaged 255 yards passing and 2.5 touchdowns in that same stretch. The numbers for Ryan are softer than they could have been considering he rested most of the second half in games against Jacksonville and Tampa because of the substantial lead he posted.

Jones sees a similar roster to last year's and the new offense he believes means good things for what they can do this year. The added benefit of an offseason that allows everyone to work together could mean big things for everyone, including himself. Jones points to those final games of the season when his health started coming together around the same time his place in the offense began to materialize.

"I don't think I did that great last year," Jones said last week. "I started coming on at the end (of the season) because me and Matt started getting our timing down and everything. I felt real good with the offense. It's just carrying over now. I still feel great about everything we're doing."

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