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Jones Family Embraces the 'Debo Birds'

Not only did Deion Jones become a second-round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft on Friday night, he also became a "Debo Bird", a nickname his family created after getting the call that Jones would be a Falcon.

Up until yesterday, the Jones family followed the New Orleans Saints, and now they have embraced their new team, the Atlanta Falcons.

Watching the Draft with 50 of his closest friends and family at his home in Louisiana, Jones' dreams came true as he was selected as the No. 52 overall pick.

It didn't take long for his family to jump on board. Following the news, Jones' father, Cal, rejoiced.

"I am dirty," Jones' father, Cal, said. "I'm a dirty bird!"

The Jones family wanted to take it a step further, though.

"We're Debo Birds," Jones' relatives shouted. "I'm gonna get us a parakeet, rub it in some dirt and we're gonna have us a dirty bird."

And don't worry, the t-shirts are in the making.

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