Jimmy's Favorites: Sacks


Atlanta Falcons team photographer Jimmy Cribb has nearly seen it all during his long tenured career. In this new AtlantaFalcons.com feature, Jimmy will share with Falcons fans some of his favorite photographs he's taken in recent years, both on the field and off, every week. This week's selections: Jimmy's Favorite sacks

The first photo, above, is of defensive tackle Trey Lewis sacking San Francisco quarterback Shaun Hill during the 2009 season. Jimmy likes this photo because you can see Lewis' face right after impact with his helmet flying off. To view the Trey Lewis photo larger, click here.

To view each photo below larger, click on the image.




In this photo, former Falcons defensive end Patrick Kerney chases down former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb.




Former defensive tackle Grady Jackson used to swallow up ball-carriers. In this 2008 photo from Jimmy, Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers was Jackson's latest victim.




During the 2010 season, one of the standout plays of the year was Jamaal Anderson's sack and forced fumble on Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. Jimmy snapped this photo right as Hasselbeck realized what kind of trouble he was in. If you look closely, Anderson has a big grin on his face. The fumble was recovered in the end zone by Jonathan Babineaux for a Falcons touchdown.




Who doesn't love it when The Predator, John Abraham, gets to the quarterback? Well, in this photo, New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees doesn't seem very happy about it.




When Falcons defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux gets a hold of a quarterback, he doesn't often let go. Tampa Bay quarterback Josh Freeman found that out in this shot from Jimmy.

Jimmy showed us his favorites, now tell us which of these photos is your favorite. Vote below.

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