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Jay's Takeaways - August 2

4c802d71b6973dce1f300300.jpg managing editor Jay Adams gives his three takeaways of the day throughout training camp

## A spoonful of pain

Sean Weatherspoon is really showing up during training camp. With the pads going on for the first time Monday morning, Weatherspoon didn't hold anything back, delivering the first big hit of training camp. Of course, 'Spoon didn't know there was a difference between what head coach Mike Smith calls a "thud" practice and what a "thud" was at Missouri, but when he's finally allowed to go full speed, it's going to be a wonderful, fun, scary thing to watch.

## Too many is a crowd

There are several positions that are extremely crowded on the field right now. Right cornerback, linebacker, wide receiver and defensive end are all full of players looking to simply make the roster. Now that pads are going to be a more common part of practice, players vying for a roster spot are going to be picking up the tempo to get noticed.Things could get very interesting at those positions.

## A new nickname for Lofton

Weatherspoon gave fellow linebacker Curtis Lofton a new nickname during Monday morning's practice. Noticing that Lofton wears No. 50, Weatherspoon started calling him "The Police." Asked about the nickname after Monday afternoon's practice, Weatherspoon said, "You can't run from the police." Something tells me this nickname might stick.

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