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Jay's Takeaways — August 1

4c802b8cb6973dce1f910200.jpg managing editor Jay Adams gives his three takeaways of the day throughout training camp:

## Let's be Franks

Rookie cornerback Dominique Franks has been impressive, to say the least, during his first training camp with the Falcons. He's all over the field, breaking up passes and making things very difficult on his offensive counterparts. Franks is competing at a crowded position and has been doing everything he can to garner attention. So far, he has.

## They really are special teams

Coaches talk about them to the point of cliche, but special teams are very important. So important, in fact, that teams dedicate entire practices to them. The Falcons did just that Sunday morning as several veterans and many players vying for roster spots participated in a special-teams-only session. The practice mainly was comprised of drills and walk-throughs, but the desire to make an impression was very apparent.

## Taking things slow

Head coach Mike Smith reiterated a point he made during the first day of camp during Sunday's media session with him. Smith wants to make sure that the first 10 days of camp end virtually injury-free. While coaches have been keeping the tempo at a reasonable level, players will be in pads starting Monday, and Smith is making sure to take every precaution to reach his goal of little injury.

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