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JAWS: Wordle Wednesday


Welcome to my new blog-style posts that I'm going to affectionately call JAWS. What does JAWS stand for? Jay Adams Writes Stuff. Can't blame me for not being literal. Anyway, I'll be updating this section of the site several times per day to give you my take on certain news items concerning the Falcons, while also giving you a chance to voice your concerns in a poll.

You're probably wondering what a Wordle is. I don't blame you. First of all, it's not a real word. Secondly, it could be darn near anything.

It could be a type of food: "Yes, I'll take an order of Wordle to go, please."

It could be a destination: "OMG, I'm, like, so excited to spend spring break in Wordle this year. Lolz." (By the way, never, ever "lolz." Ever.)

It could be an animal: "Yes, hello? Exterminators? Hey, I've got a Wordle living under my front porch and it keeps scaring the kids, and I'm pretty sure it ate the mailman."

A Wordle, I'll have you know, is none of these things. (But feel free to use them in any of these scenarios, as long as you don't "lolz.")

Wordle is an online software that takes data and creates an eye-pleasing graphic based on the number of times a certain piece of datum is used.

For example, the Wordle I did for this week's Wordle Wednesday is simple: What positions have the Falcons most often drafted in the first round?

So, I took that question and went back, organized the data, plugged that information into Wordle and bam! Art.


More than just something fun to look at, it tells you — based on the size of each word — how much of a discrepancy there is between the positions. The larger a position name is displayed, the more often it has been drafted by the Falcons in the first round. The smaller a position name, the less often it has been drafted by the Falcons in the first round.

Get it?

I know this one is tough because there are some words that appear to be the same size, so I'll give you the actual numbers:

Offensive Tackle: 6 * Running Back: 6 * Wide Receiver: 5 * Quarterback: 5 * Defensive End: 5 * Defensive Tackle: 5 * Cornerback: 5 * Linebacker: 4 * Guard: 2 * Safety: 2 * Tight End: 1

There you have it. The first ever Wordle Wednesday. There will be more of these to come. Now, the obligatory poll:

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