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JAWS: More Rule Change Proposals


Welcome to my new blog-style posts that I'm going to affectionately call JAWS. What does JAWS stand for? Jay Adams Writes Stuff. Can't blame me for not being literal. Anyway, I'll be updating this section of the site several times per day to give you my take on certain news items concerning the Falcons, while also giving you a chance to voice your concerns in a poll.

I wrote earlier today about one of the main rule change proposals that owners will have a chance to vote on, which is moving the kickoff from the 30-yard line to the 35.

Well, two can play that game. Here are three of my suggestions:

No. 1: If a team scores a touchdown and a commercial break is taken directly afterward, there's no reason for there to be another TV timeout after the kick returner takes a knee in the end zone. That's, like, five minutes of TV time with 10 seconds of football action. Spread it out. *

No. 2: A mercy rule/running clock rule should be instituted. If you're a professional football team and you're losing by more than 40 points at halftime, sorry, but we move to a running clock for the whole second half or until you cut the deficit by half. Time is short these days, and if we wanted to watch a three-hour disappointment, we'd put in our VHS copy of Avatar. *

No. 3: Make all linemen eligible to receive passes. We do it in pickup and flag football games, why not the NFL? Institute a mandatory five Mississippi count on the pass rush and allow the offensive linemen to go out for passes. Not only will this completely change the way the game is played, it'll provide some really entertaining celebrations.

What's your favorite?

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