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In Rare Company


Hopefully, you're not tired of lists yet, because we've certainly been showing you a lot of them lately. writer Pat Kirwan has been feverishly pumping them out, and now he's even got a list about his lists.

One four teams have had players ranked in the top 15 of his lists at quarterback, running back and wide receiver, and the Falcons are one of those teams with Matt Ryan, Michael Turner and Roddy White.

Turner and White, Kirwan says, are in the top five at each of their positions, and Ryan is a top 10 quarterback for the writer.

Check out Kirwan's lists for quarterback, running back and wide receiver.

Overall, the Falcons find themselves on this very short list with some good, and perhaps surprising, company. The Texans, Eagles and Giants join the Falcons here. The Falcons face the Texans and Eagles during the 2011 season.

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