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HS Teams Of The Week: Nov. 7

The Atlanta Falcons and The Georgia Army National Guard are proud to recognize the following high school football program nominees for the week of November 7, 2011. The stories below reflect the character, integrity and strength of some of Georgia's best high school football programs. The Atlanta Falcons and Georgia Army National Guard are honored to share these stories, as they embody the core values of both organizations.

For each of the five Georgia High School Football classifications, fans are encouraged to read the submissions and vote for the team you believe should win. Voting is open through 5 pm ET on Fridays, and winners will be announced on the Honor Roll page each Monday at




Hillgrove Hawks, Powder Springs, GA
The Hillgrove Hawks are one of the newer schools in the area and have been very supportive of the Natioanl Guard recruiting efforts.

Newton Rams, Covington, GA
It is the vision of the Rams program to improve their players in three main phases: football, education, and manhood. The Rams believe that part of becoming better men involves taking care of one's village. The team participates in after school tutorial programs and voulunteers at local community centers. They encourage their young men to be positive role models in the community.

Valdosta Wildcats, Valdosta, GA
The Wildcats have overcame alot of adversities throughout the years. One in particular was the unfortunate death of Kenny Rose. Kenny was an outstanding football player who collasped and died on the football field. The Wildcats overcame this adversity by creating a foundation for kids seeking scholarships.

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Heritage Patriots, Conyers, GA
Heritage overcame a 14-0 halftime deficit against 10th ranked Clarke Central Gladiators. Clarke Central had gone 15 regular season games with out a loss. Heritage scored 21 unanswered points in the second half to post one of the biggest wins since 2004 for the school.

Alcovy Tigers, Covington, GA
Even though the Tigers do not win very often, they try our hardest and never give up.

Hiram Hornets, Hiram, GA
The Hornets never quit or give up. Each player feeds off the others. If one player is down the others build him back up.

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Gainesville Red Elephants, Gainesville, GA
Gainesville is a Title 1 school. They have a very diverse population of students who get along well together as well as support each other in all extra-curricular activities. Football brings a community of people together who otherwise might not know each other.

Mount de Sales Cavaliers, Macon, GA
Mount de Sales has a number of parents who serve with the National Guard and they are truly grateful for them.

Columbus Blue Devils, Columbus, GA
The Columbus High School Blue Devils embody the spirit of the National Guard. They continue to fight each week and never give up. They face adversity on the field with strength, honor, and integrity.

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Temple Tigers, Temple, GA
The Temple Tigers are an awesome group of young men that are working really hard everyday on the field & in the classroom. They lost a teammate in a bus accident last year and they are still playing for themselves and their fallen brother. They all have the heart of a soldier!

Model Blue Devils, Rome, GA
The Blue Devils Football team produces leaders in the community by emphasizing responsibilty and teamwork as character traits.

Lucy Craft Laney Wildcats, Augusta, GA
Lucy Laney is rich in history, pride and student development much like the Georgia National Guard.

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Marion County Eagles, Buena Vista, GA
The Eagles are a hard working and deserving group and the school has always supported the Georgia Army National Guard.

Bryan County Redskins, Pembroke, GA
The Redskins are proud that they have been able to overcome the diversties and challanges put upon the student athletes.

Glascock Panthers, Gibson, GA
Glascock Consolidated High School is nestled in a rural community. The Panthers have what they call "PAWS" which means panther pride! These values are: academic achievement, winning with character and succeeding in life. This to them is like the army values. The school has grades k-12 with a very small graduating class, but still competes each and every week.

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