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How they see it: Pundits' Picks


Each week contributing writer Daniel Cox examines the NFL experts and their Falcons picks and compiles it all to see who believes the most in the Atlanta Falcons.

It's Week 7 and ESPN's NFL Insider Adam Schefter has traded in his sports coat for a leather jacket.

He's a loner, Falcons fans. A rebel.

The lone pundit in Week 2 to pick against the Falcons (he took the Cardinals) is in conflict with the remainder of the field once again this week.

It's sports-picking dissent at its finest and Schefter's schism is either going to pay off big or drop him to the bottom of the pack. If the Falcons lose, he'll be at the top of the standings, tied with the computer of 10,000 simulations, AccuScore, ProFootballTalk's Gregg Rosenthal and ESPN's resident offensive lineman, Mark Schlereth.

Schefter's got a lot to lose this week, as do the Falcons as they return to their comfortable Georgia Dome surroundings in hopes of making their record 5-2 on the season, just like 10 of the pundits will with a home team win.

"Matt Ryan is 15-1 at the Georgia Dome, and Michael Turner rushes for 104 yards per game at the Georgia Dome. Factoid of the Week That Should Interest You: This game is at the Georgia Dome." --Peter King,'s Week 7 Weekend Pickoff * "In a year filled with parity, the Bengals may be the most average. They are middle of the pack in almost every aspect on offense and defense. The Falcons have similar balance, but they are a little bit tougher, smarter, and saltier after an embarrassing loss." --Gregg Rosenthal,'s Week Seven Picks * "This week, Dunta Robinson ($50,000 lighter) and your less violent Falcons play host to Pacman Jones and Chad Ochocinco and the rest of the Cincinnati nut parade. The Falcons really stunk in Philly. Fact is, they should've been fined $50,000 for NOT hitting anybody. But at home, they generally rule." –Jeff Schultz, Atlanta-Journal Constitution Blog

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