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Headlines: Falcons Return to the Grind

Falcons back to the grind, the old way - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Maintaining a business-as-usual mindset, Atlanta returned to its normal practice routine on Wednesday.

**Falcons to rest Jones, Mack this week -** Julio Jones (toe) and Alex Mack (fibula) won't practice this week, but head coach Dan Quinn said both will be ready to go next week.

**Super Bowl special for Beasley as he honors father’s memory - ESPN** Vic Beasley Jr. knows his late father would be "so excited for me" if he saw his son make it to SB LI.

**Players-only video sessions boost Falcons defense - Atlanta Journal-Constitution** The Falcons believe their players-only film sessions have helped the defense improve over the last 10 games.

**Freeney has no hate for Brady: 'He's a cool dude' - ESPN** Dwight Freeney, who has faced Tom Brady many times over the years, said defending the star quarterbacks will require Atlanta to "come together collectively."

**Inside or outside, up or down, Upshaw’s down with Falcons’ plans - Atlanta Journal-Constitution** A linebacker-turned-defensive lineman, Courtney Upshaw had no qualms about making a position change when he signed with the Falcons last offseason. Falcons’ Young Defense Keeps Improving - Filled with first- and second-year players, Atlanta's defense has consistently gotten better this season. Now, it's ready for its biggest test yet.

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