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Headlines: Blank Savoring Present, Bright Future

There is more work to be done. The Falcons are using this week to begin focusing on facing the New England Patriots on February 5 in Super Bowl LI.

**Blank savors Falcons’ present, future - Atlanta Journal-Constitution**
On Thursday, owner Arthur Blank said the Falcons have reached his initial goal of becoming a "sustainable winning organization, one that would be important in the NFL conversation every year."

**Falcons’ youth is serving nicely - Atlanta Journal-Constitution** Many of Atlanta's rookies have stepped up and become an important part of the Super Bowl run.

**Belichick: No Weaknesses in Ryan’s Game -** Patriots head coach Bill Belichick offered high praise of Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

**Falcons’ Shanahan says dad’s Super Bowl legacy adds no pressure - Atlanta Journal-Constitution** Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, whose father won three Super Bowls, said there were "huge advantages" to being Mike Shanahan's son.

**Shanahan: Patriots defense the biggest challenge we’ve had all year - ESPN** Shanahan also said New England defense is "the best defense that we've seen in the NFL this year."

**SBLI to Feature Top-Notch QB Matchup -** When the Falcons and Patriots face off on Feb. 5, it could be the best quarterback battle in Super Bowl history. Quinn: From William & Mary to the Super Bowl - The MMQB The MMQB's Tim Rohan writes about head coach Dan Quinn's long, winding journey to Atlanta.

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