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Get to know Falcons' safety Ricardo Allen

Ricardo Allen: Consistency. Coming in and being the same person you are every day. I try to do that at home and at work.

Ricardo Allen: It's a blessing. It feels really good because it's something you always dream of, you work for. I wish I didn't have to take the hard way in, but the story is amazing. I'm happy about it, I love it.

Ricardo Allen: Coming from the struggle. Working my way out of there, I never wanted to do anything to put myself back into it. I taught myself. I tried to develop my own values and morals that I like the most. I started following those and tried to do the best I could.

Your biggest Goal after the NFL! — Brian Reese (@BKReese24) October 18, 2017

Ricardo Allen: I have a lot of thoughts about that. I don't know yet – that's a long time a way, though.

Ricardo Allen: Probably Jacob Tamme. He was sneaky good, he was really strong, so he could block really [well]. His routes were crisp, he never dropped the ball. He always gave me trouble.

Ricardo Allen: Studying film. I'm big into my film study – that's where I get my confidence for the week. That's where I find the tips and stuff I can go into the game with. My film study is big and one of the things I really enjoy.

Ricardo Allen: Believe in yourself and have the confidence to go out and do whatever you want. Just know you can do it because you are the only person that will really believe in yourself. If you don't, no one will.

Ricardo Allen: I'm not really a movie guy, I don't really like sports movies. I like documentaries.

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