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Georgia Dome Gets New Surface


If you're not following the Georgia Dome's official Twitter account, you're missing out on a great inside look at what's been going on inside this week.

The Dome floor is getting a brand new surface of Field Turf this week.

There's nothing different about the new Field Turf being laid down this week, other than the fact that more than 200 football games were played on the old surface. The previous turf surface was installed in 2003.

The old turf is being recycled by Field Turf.

As of today, there are about 50 yards of turf laid out in the Dome. The other 50 yards should be in place by Thursday or Friday. After that's done, all the hash marks are then cut and sewn into the turf, and then the little rubber bits and some sand go down on the turf.

The new field will likely be finished by July 27.

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