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The FalconsLife message board on is where die-hard Falcons fans go to talk, share ideas and discuss every imaginable topic concerning the Falcons.

During the offseason we'll take a look at a hot topic on the Talk About the Falcons department of FalconsLife and examine what's on the minds of Falcons fans.

This week one Falcons fan, DirtyBirdDynasty, asks "who are the hardest hitters on the Falcons?" and many fans couldn't agree on the original four Falcons posted in the thread.

William Moore, Sean Weatherspoon, Curtis Lofton and Dunta Robinson were provided as the top choices. The four defenders are excellent choices and would never be considered soft by stretch of the imagination.

Generally, Moore is regarded as the top hitter on the squad when the discussion comes up. In his two seasons as a starter for Atlanta at safety, Moore has had more than his share of hits that left running backs and wide receivers thinking twice about going Moore's way.

Two special teamers found themselves in the discussion by virtue of a 2011 season that saw plenty of big hits from two young Falcons, linebacker Akeem Dent and Kerry Meier.

One player whose job is to avoid being tackled made it an even more interesting topic. Running back Michael Turner, long known for his bruising runs over defenders, was the only offensive player to be discussed. Turner's hit on Tennessee safety Michael Griffith this season is fresh on every Falcons fan's mind and it played a role in his being mentioned. Turner's run over Griffith also received honorable mention for our Best of 2011: Plays list earlier this offseason.

In an interesting twist, punter Matt Bosher was also named as a heavy hitter. Few can forget how often Bosher got in the middle of returns after kick offs to take down a return man during the season. He overcame his early rookie season struggles to become a steady player on special teams. His hard-hitting ways and his work ethic in turning his year around won him the favor of Falcons fans.

"I'm really glad he turned it around this year because I was excited we got a punter who likes to go down field and knock people out," wrote one fan.

Though the discussion is still going on, Moore is the Falcons' clubhouse leader for the player with the most intimidating hits.

Who do you think is Atlanta's hardest hitter? Join this discussion and many others here.

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