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The FalconsLife message board on is where die-hard Falcons fans go to talk, share ideas and discuss every imaginable topic concerning the Falcons.

During the offseason we'll take a look at a hot topic on the Talk About the Falcons department of FalconsLife and examine what's on the minds of Falcons fans.

Minicamp dominated the mind of every Falcons fan this week and so true is the case for the Falcons message board. Many of the topics discussed the various reports coming out of the media on hand at Flowery Branch Tuesday through Thursday. One of the traditions of TATF (that's message board speak for 'Talk About The Falcons') are the reports that many of the fans make on the message board after attending the open sessions.

Many of the fans are highly knowledgable about what they're watching and their reports support this. Let's take a look at a few.

Fibonacci had some trouble with his feet on minicamp's third day, but came away with this report. He thinks the competition for the fifth wide receiver spot after Kerry Meier is coming down to James Rodgers and Cody Pearcy, the two young receivers he was most impressed with. He sees Rodgers making up for his shorter height and Pearcy using his height to his advantage on some of the tougher catches.

Of the cornerbacks at camp, he thought Franks showed the most surprising performance. At this point, most know what they'll get from Dunta Robinson, Asante Samuel and Brent Grimes. Franks got an "8 out of 10 in coverage overall for the week" from Fiboncacci.

He also came away thinking what many already knew or suspected. Third-year linebacker Sean Weatherspoon is not just the heart of the defense now, but one of the vocal leaders of the entire team.

His Day Two report raves about William Moore's leadership, Akeem Dent's ability to stay in the middle of the action at linebacker and many of the receivers continued to impress him.

The report from the first day of camp continues his rave over the wide receivers. He added that he felt like Kroy Biermann has lost about ten pounds and from what he saw, the defensive end was also lining up in a hybrid role as a rushing linebacker.

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