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From the mind of Falcons fan Peyton comes this impressive Falcons stat of the day: Falcons running back Michael Turner is the only player in franchise history to record four double-digit touchdown seasons.

Peyton takes it a step further and points out the many Falcons players through the years that have combined to match Turner's output since 2008.

"Every Atlanta Falcons football player in history not named Michael Turner, including William Andrews, Dave Hampton, Bubba Bean, Gerald Riggs, John Settle, Jamal Anderson, Warrick Dunn, Michael Vick, and TJ Duckett.......have combined for 4 double digit rushing TDs," Peyton wrote.

While Turner hasn't reached the touchdown numbers he recorded in his breakout season in '08 (he recorded 17) he's remained one of the most productive and consistent backs in the entire league. He reached the endzone 11 times last season and his 1,340 rushing yards was good for third in the NFL.

Turner has been a the subject of a lot of discussion in the offseason because he's reached the age of 30 and many backs have shown a tendency to slow down at that age. Turner could be a bit of an exception because he the first four years of his career as a backup in San Diego. In his four seasons there, the most carries he ever had was 80. Statistically, Turner has shown no signs of slowing down.

The number of carries he's expected to see has also been part of the Turner discussion heading into 2012. Head coach Mike Smith said earlier this year that he expected to more closely monitor Turner's carries this season. A reduction in Turner's carries will keep him healthy for more of the season and stronger for the late-season playoff push.

The Falcons also have Jason Snelling and Jacquizz Rodgers behind Turner, two capable backs and two players they'd like to get more involved in the offense this year.

Earlier this week, Turner said he felt like the Falcons would have more of a passing attack in 2012 and his numbers could be impacted as a result of that. Even with more passing, it's still a safe assumption that Turner will get plenty of goal-line opportunities, a role he's thrived in since coming to Atlanta.

All the talk of an anticipated decline for Turner is similar to what wide receiver Roddy White said recently about the Falcons' offense being better if his numbers are down. Turner responded to that comment on Wednesday, stating that if everyone is clicking on the proper cylinders, a high-level of production will occur.

"I understand what he's saying by that," Turner said. "It's not all on Roddy. It's not all on Matt. We all contribute together. Collectively we're all doing less, but accomplishing more."

At the end of the day (or the season), the fact remains that Turner's run in Atlanta has been historic from a franchise perspective. No matter where he goes from here, he'll still be regarded as one of, if not the best, running back in franchise history.

Enjoy him while you can, Falcons fans.

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