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Freeman 'Off to Good Start' in Concussion Protocol

On Monday, Dan Quinn said that Devonta Freeman, who suffered a concussion on Sunday, is currently going through the NFL's concussion protocol.

The protocol that was adopted in 2013 is a three-step process that a player must go through before being cleared to return. Below are the three steps:

1. Rest and recovery
A player must return to his baseline status in a neurological exam.

2. Light exercise begins, followed by a gradual return to practice
To ensure that the injured player doesn't get thrown back into the mix too quickly, a gradual, step-by-step process has been implemented. Most of the work that is done during this step is the non-contact drills.

3. Team physician and the Independent Neurological Consultant must clear player
Not only will the athlete be evaluated by the team physician to be cleared, a consultant with expertise in with concussions must clear the player to return. If a player clears the final examination, he can participate in practice with no limitations.

The process is a lengthy, thorough one that requires any player to pass all three steps without hesitation before getting back on the field.

Quinn remains positive on the matter saying the running back is  "off to a good start" as he begins protocol while complimenting his competitive style of play.

Freeman is one of Atlanta's most dynamic players and has proved to be a force in the run and pass game with 1,184 total yards and 11 touchdowns on the season.

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