Former Falcon Samuel Starts Record Label

Atlanta Falcons Minicamp, built by The Home Depot, came to a close on Thursday after three days of workouts in the Georgia heat. Fans came to Flowery Branch for one more look at the team.

Former Atlanta Falcons cornerback Asante Samuel, now retired from the NFL, has started a new life for himself in the music industry. And he's prepared to recruit an old teammate for his new business.

Samuel, an 11-year pro and four-time Pro Bowler, recently founded Eighties Nation Records and has expressed interest in signing William Moore, who, in addition to playing safety, has released numerous hip-hop songs in the past. Maybe when the hard-hitting defender hangs up the cleats, he and Samuel can join forces once again.

"My guy Willy Mo … I would sign Will Moore when his playing days are over if he's serious about it," Samuel told TMZ.

Samuel's decision to start Eighties Nation didn't come out of no where. He's dabbled in the rap game before via Deep Side Entertainment and, with experience in this field, has a clear motive for his latest venture.

Said Samuel: "I saw it as a way to help people get out of our hood and give them jobs and a way to stay out of jail."

Moore's catalog includes "W.A.R. (WillyMo Always Ready)," a track first released in 2012. That year, he and Samuel appeared together on D-Block's Freestyle Friday — perhaps a sign of what's to come.

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