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Five Things About Cheerleader Kiley B.

  1. I am originally from Chicago. I was born and raised right on the city limits. I really miss the skyscrapers and the beach, but I love the hospitality of the south.
  1. I lived in Italy for three months while I was a student at Purdue University and ran along the Vatican City wall every day. I studied abroad and we traveled north and south.
  1. I have a huge Irish family. My mom is an identical twin. I have over 25 cousins; we've lost count at this point. I absolutely love it. My mom's identical twin lives in Atlanta so she's my pretend mom in the south.
  1. I teach Sunday school. I love working with the little 4-year-olds. I like to say they teach more to me than I do to them. They are adorable. I love kids.
  1. I taught Mr. Belding (Dennis Haskins) from "Saved By the Bell" how to shake pom-poms at my homecoming kickoff rally at Purdue. He took my pom-poms, shook them and did our fight song with us. He knows how to "Boiler Up" now.

For more information about Kiley, check out her bio page.

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