Five Things About Cheerleader Alexandria G.

  1. I cheered the Crimson Tide onto three National Championships.
  1. My first-ever NFL game, I cheered at it. It was here against the Miami Dolphins.
  1. I eat an apple every single day. I just like the fiber. I'm a huge fan of the green ones, and every now and then I need that tart sourness and still get that little bit of sweet. It's almost like a dessert for me.
  1. The best compliment I've ever gotten is that I was called a gym rat. I take off one to two days a week, if that, from going to the gym. I love it. I try to workout every single day for at least two hours. I love working out and staying active and trying to be as physically fit as possible.
  1. My biggest supporter is Jesus.

For more information about Alexandria, check out her [bio page]( G./08e32072-e220-4661-a219-8f1440ee6864).

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