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Five Quotes From Player Arrival at The Branch

The Falcons reported to the dorms at Flowery Branch on Wednesday with 2016 XFINITY Training Camp set to start with a team meeting that evening before players hit the field Thursday morning for the first practice session. Here are five things players had to say to the media as they checked in at team headquarters:

Keanu Neal on working out with Kam Chancellor:"He reached out to me. He really told me about Marquand, Coach Manuel, and he told me he's a great dude and everything. He asked if I wanted to train with him, and it's hard to turn that down. … It was just a great experience. (We worked on) body control. Being able to control my energy, my physicality. Physical players are aggressive, so being overly aggressive can hurt you at times."

As the team gears up for a new season, take a look at what goes into getting Falcons Headquarters ready for 2016 XFINITY Atlanta Falcons Training Camp.

Desmond Trufant on being a leader:"We always have our eyes on the rookies. It's definitely going to be a different transition for them, but I feel like we have a good group of rookies. The coaches have them up to speed, so we just got to keep pushing them — just take one day at a time. Don't look at the calendar, don't look at how long training camp is, don't look at all the outside distractions — focus on your assignments and take care of your body."

Grady Jarrett on being more comfortable in Year 2:"Definitely more comfortable this year, kind of having an idea of what to expect. Just ready to get back to work and excited to be back. It's definitely a much smoother process this year than it was last year for me. … I'm looking forward to it and looking forward to a good year."

Ryan Schraeder on the offensive line:"I feel like we're building on last year big-time. Everything is a process going through it, and that's part of training camp. … We feel good about (the scheme). We know the offense; we've already worked out all the bugs. We're going into training camp; we're building on everything. It'll be cool because, like I said, we already know the scheme, so it's just about what we put in it."

Sean Weatherspoon on what excites him about the defense: "What excites me is just going out there and being able to play instead of everything just being so fragmented (in the offseason) because you're learning and things are new to you. So it's kind of like the third or fourth time we're getting the chance to go out and take the program in. So (Wednesday night) we have the install; we'll be installing and just looking forward to (Thursday). We'll come out just being as attentive as we can on the classroom as well as the field."

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