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Five Questions With Jordan


Jay Adams: What have you been up to in retirement? How's it treating you?

Brian Jordan: You know what? What is retirement? I feel like I've been working even harder with a broadcasting career, my foundation, writing children's books and speaking to a lot of elementary school students and a lot of school stuff. I've been busy, believe me.

JA: How much do you follow the current Falcons and what do you think of the roster?

BJ: I follow them big-time. I'm a huge fan. Of course, being a former Falcon, you want to support and be there for them. I think bringing in Coach (Mike) Smith was probably the best thing that the Falcons have done, a great decision by (general manager Thomas) Dimitroff and Arthur Blank. I think (Smith) instills that discipline they lacked for so long. It's just been fun to watch. Last year was a great year, but just coming up a little short.

JA: You played in a great secondary and we've got some pretty good guys back there now. What are your thoughts on the current Falcons secondary?

BJ: I like them. Everybody talks about how small they are or how young they are, but I watched from Game 1 to the last game of the season last year and how much they improved. These guys are still learning the game. Talk about (Brent) Grimes. This guy is gritty. He makes up for his size with his athletic ability. As far as the safeties, they're aggressive and they're learning a lot. When I played the game, Deion (Sanders) taught me how to watch film and study my opponent and these other things that these guys are learning. The technology is great, so I see a couple of these guys hopefully making a Pro Bowl soon.

JA: Last year, the big signing was Dunta Robinson. While he snagged just one interception this year, do you see where just his presence alone influences what opposing quarterbacks do?

BJ: Believe it or not, it does. A lot of people don't realize that as a fan. You look at a guy like Deion, what his presence meant on the field changed the whole game around. Dunta brought that presence last year where they kind of went away from him and people complained a little bit. But that was a good pickup for the Falcons and I think he's going to be great for them this year.

JA: How have you seen the secondary positions change since you retired?

BJ: They're not as aggressive as back in the day. I don't know why. I think guys are playing for longevity. You may find one or two safeties that have that intensity that just headhunt, but a lot of safeties, they don't come up and be as aggressive as they used to. A lot of that is because of the new helmet rules. It's tough to be that aggressive when you're going to get fined in the back of your mind. I don't like that rule, but you want to prevent injuries but how do you do it without getting injured because you lose that aggressiveness? That's the biggest thing I see.

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