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Five Questions With Doleman


Jay Adams: So, Chris, what have you been up to in retirement?

Chris Doleman: What I've done is I started an auction site, it's called and Celebrity Charitable Network. What we do is basically raise money for non-profits through their silent auctions. We put them online. It's been a lot of fun. I love playing golf, I love volunteering, giving my time to this, so I figured out a way of how we can help and have a bigger impact on the charities we support.

JA: Do you follow the Falcons much still? How do you feel about the current roster?

CD: The guys they had last year, I thought they had a pretty good group of guys. I thought Matt (Ryan) played well. I thought they ran the ball well, the O-line played well, the D-line played well but they just came up a little short. They're a young team, so one of the things that has to happen when you start getting a little bit more experience and weathering these storms is understanding how to win games when it comes down to it. A great case-in-point is the (NBA Finals game this week) between Miami and Dallas. Dallas is sitting up there with an older roster, an older team, older players, people had pretty much written them off and these guys hung in there and figured out a way beat (Miami).

JA: Being a defensive lineman and a guy who spent some significant time in the league, when you see a guy like John Abraham and what he's still able to do at his age, what do you think of what he's accomplished during his career?

CD: He's definitely making his mark. He has to continue to play. I played 15 years. What year is this for him? 11? He's still got a lot of good years ahead of him and he needs to stay healthy. You judge a career at the end, not in the middle and not at the beginning, so he can post some really nice numbers — as long as he doesn't break my records (laughs).

JA: Right. How do you think play along the defensive line has changed since you retired?

CD: Too much bull-rushing. I know the league went to a more quick passing game, which is now completely a passing league, and you've got to figure out ways to get to the quarterback. One of the things it that you want to get rid of your man a lot quicker and not get caught up in those situations where you're in a tug-of-war with him and you're constantly wrestling with him each down. So, you want to be able to shed him quickly, beat him quickly and get to the quarterback.

JA: Do you have a favorite memory from your time playing in Atlanta?

CD: Just playing here. This is a place that I've made my home since 1994. It was great playing here. I was really happy to see the team not only grow, but prosper in the later years and I just wish them well.

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