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Fantastic Finish!

The Falcons haven't needed much flair for the dramatic coming into Sunday against the Panthers, but after a big game from Carolina, that was what was needed.

Down by one with under one minute remaining the Falcons got their first come-back win of the season and gave the Georgia Dome something to cheer about, after a largely frustrating day.

On the first play of the drive, Matt Ryan connected on a long bomb to Roddy White of 59 yards and nothing could stop the Falcons after that.

Four plays later, including a sideline catch by Harry Douglas to stop the clock, Matt Bryant walked onto the field to attempt his latest game-winning kick.

From 40 yards, Bryant was iced once by Carolina and still completed his kick, making it. On his second try, it was exactly the same and Bryant connected, giving the Falcons a 30-28 win and capping a 99-yard drive to improve the Falcons to 4-0.

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