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Falcons to lock arms during national anthem

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. – Falcons coach Dan Quinn said that his team will lock arms during the national anthem on Sunday.

"For us, we will lock arms together during that time," Quinn said.

Quinn is hopeful that his team can be an example of unity for the rest of the world to see. With so many players coming from different backgrounds, the message of solidarity during a trying time is what Quinn is hopeful his team can show.

Here's Quinn's full comments on the message his team is trying to portray by locking arms:

"We don't [expect anybody to kneel]. It's solidarity. I think it was interesting to note, and I know you guys are aware of it too, by no means was it ever a protest of the anthem. I think this weekend was a difficult weekend that showed, 'I'm pissed about something', or 'I'm upset and I want to react in a certain way.' I think that was a one-off for us, and our best way to show how solid we are is by everything we do as a group. You've heard me say I wish the rest of the world could see our locker room. To understand that Matt Ryan, who grew up in West Chester, Pa., and Julio Jones, who grew up in Foley, Ala., didn't grow up on the same block. I wish they could see how tight they are, and the friendship they share. Although Matt can't understand or hasn't lived some of the same experiences, he wants to support players and teammates like crazy. I really admire that about our team. We come from all walks, different spots, different groups, and we recognize those differences with each other. We talked in the team meeting today about Matt Ryan and [Devonta] Freeman, who grew up in Liberty City, Fla., and [Matt] in West Chester, Pa. It couldn't be the same, but what I can tell you is how connected they are, and the love that they have for one another. I think that's really important for the rest of the country to see how it can be. I have often told you how close this group is. I think you guys get a chance to see that on a semi-regular basis just in the short time that you're around them in the locker room, and the way they connect on the field. It's a real thing that they have. The Brotherhood is an example of what it can be. I always think they provide such a unique example for so many people. I'm really proud of who they are."

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