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Falcons to Bring Back '66 Throwback Uniforms



This Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons will bring back black as they take the field in a blended 1966 replica uniform paying homage to the athletes and teams that paved the way before them.

As a special tribute, Falcons players throughout history will be recognized in honor of the team's annual Alumni Game.

Take a look at some close up shots of the uniforms the Falcons will wear this Sunday at the Georgia Dome in their 1966 replica jerseys.

The modern interpretation of this historic fifty-year-old design features a black Nike jersey with a bold white name and number font trimmed in red, and the original Falcon crest on both sleeves. The jersey will be paired with white pants and socks – both highlighted by a distinctive bold red and black stripe pattern.

As a tribute to their inaugural year, the Falcons throwback design aesthetic will stay true to 1966 with exception of the helmet. The original uniform featured a red helmet with a similar bold stripe pattern down the center to match the pants and socks. This year, due to NFL helmet safety rules, the team will punctuate the throwback uniform with their current black helmet. It will showcase the original Falcon crest used by the team from 1966 to 2003 - the same black on black design worn in the team's 1998 Super Bowl appearance.

The team will wear the throwback design at home twice this season: Atlanta Falcons vs San Diego Chargers (October 23) and Atlanta Falcons vs San Francisco 49ers (December 18).

The black 1966 replica jerseys are sold online at,, the new Falcons Team Store at Atlantic Station and at the Georgia Dome on game day.


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