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Falcons thankful for life, family on Thanksgiving


Rookie tackle Garrett Reynolds:"I'm glad to be here. I'm thankful that I've got a great family. Everything is going great and I'm glad to be where I am."

Linebacker Stephen Nicholas:
"What I'm thankful for is life, health and strength. Being with my family. I'm thankful for my son's health and my wife's health. Everybody's doing good. I am thankful for the time we can share together and break bread in fellowship."

Wide receiver Michael Jenkins:"Happy thanksgiving to everyone. I am thankful for my family and my kids. Just living life. I'm thankful for being here and being able to play this great game that we play."

Cornerback Tye Hill:
"I'm thankful for life, health and strength. I'm blessed to have the family that I have. I'm thankful to be alive and be a part of the Atlanta Falcons."

Second-year tight end Keith Zinger:
"I'm thankful for God and my family. I'm thankful for my teammates and the ability to come out here and work with these guys everyday."

Defensive end Kroy Biermann:
"I'm thankful for my family, good health and a great year."

Defensive tackle Thomas Johnson, who spent a year away from football:
"I'm thankful for my family and them supporting me. I'm thankful for this organization for giving me a chance to play. I'm thankful for being alive and being healthy. I'm thankful for my teammates because they're really good guys. I'm thankful for the trainers and coaches. I've got everything to smile about right now."

Cornerback Chevis Jackson:
"I'm thankful for my family, friends and I'm thankful to play for the Falcons."

Defensive back Antoine Harris:
"I'm thankful for my family. I'm thankful for my friends. It's good to have people around with positive attitudes."

Rookie safety William Moore:
"I'm thankful for being alive and 24 years old. I'm thankful for my teammates and I'm thankful for everybody coming down from Missouri and kicking it with me. We're going to eat this good food and God bless."

Safety Erik Coleman:
"I'm thankful for my family. We just had a daughter last year and it's going to be our first Thanksgiving together. I'm thankful for my job, my life and my health."

Defensive lineman Jeremy Clark:"I'm thankful for my family and my friends. I'm thankful to play the sport that I love and the ability I have to play this game. And, I'm thankful for my health."

Veteran linebacker Mike Peterson:
"I'm just happy to be alive... Me being in the position I'm in, I just try to help out the less fortunate"

Wide receiver Roddy White:
"Being alive... Just being able to be in this locker room and being around my teammates. I love playing football right now… I've practiced the last eight years on Thanksgiving -- college and pros. Just eating all the food. I'm going to come back here about five pounds over weight."


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