Falcons Tech Partner Helps Fan Pop the Question


Atlanta Falcons season ticket holder Derrick Byrd wanted nothing more than a Falcons win and for his girlfriend of just over a year, Teresha Johnson, to say "yes" to his marriage proposal during the game against the Arizona Cardinals this past Sunday.

Well, he got both in true Falcons style.

During the Falcons 29-18 win over the Cardinals, Byrd had the engagement all planned out. But like in football, sometimes not everything goes as planned.

"I couldn't do (the proposal) with her family back in Alabama," Byrd said. "I figured I'd do it with our Falcons family because we're all close."

Johnson was supposed to be in section 231 during halftime, looking down where the walkway meets the stairwell. Byrd was to come out with a sign that read "Rise Up" before dropping that sign and holding the second sign with "…and marry me?" written on it. Wanting to do more than sit during halftime, Johnson went and walked around.

That was when a friend of Byrd's let him know about the change. Quickly, Byrd walked down to the concourse. With the ring in hand, he got down on one knee and waited for Johnson. When she walked out, she saw the sign asking for her hand in marriage, a large number of people surrounding them and the man who scored her heart down on one knee in front of her.


Frozen with shock and surprised by the outpouring of love from friends and strangers alike, Johnson said yes.

"I'm excited to marry her," Byrd said. "I love her. I'm glad I was able to do it at the Falcons game. Just because that's our favorite place to go. Home games, we get there early, we stay late. I couldn't imagine a better place to do it."

The proposal was a win for the lifelong, diehard Falcons fan who received help and support from KnowMe, a company that is currently piloting a cutting edge service at the Georgia Dome during Falcons home games.

KnowMe is working with, as well as learning from, a small number of handpicked season ticket holders, including Byrd. The company has developed a unique and innovative platform to provide personalized service to Falcons fans on game day. KnowMe is creating a first in professional sports with a full rollout scheduled to coincide with the opening of the new Falcons stadium in 2017.

"(KnowMe) definitely played a role in (the proposal)," Byrd said. "They made it that much more special for her because she knows the guys. We've been with them all season."

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