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Falcons React to Win Over Jaguars

*Coach Quinn:  *

Opening statement:
"We said all week it was going to be a line of scrimmage game and it certainly was. We expected a really tough game from Jacksonville and it also was. The message this week was 'it was all about us' and playing the style of football we wanted to. First, starting off with the ball then our effort and toughness and those finish examples. The finish examples were finishing runs, finishing blocks and not just necessarily a situation. That part was huge for us and I thought third down was a huge factor for us in today's game. We had a chance to complete something offensively, especially down the stretch, and then stepped up on defense. That and I thought Kemal Ishmal had a really huge play for us to end the half which swung some points our way. We expected a tough game from these guys and it certainly was."

On how proud he was of the last defensive stand:
"I love those scenarios where we have an opportunity to make some plays so that is where competition is at its strongest. We knew it was going all four downs in there and we had some other guys step up and go in. JD (Justin Durant) had to come out for a while and I thought (Nate) Stupar did a terrific job filling it for (Paul) Worrilow today. " On getting a good start:
"It was something we talked about this week in terms of coming out with the right mindset of attack. That part is also from the players because they want that. You could feel it. You could feel it the first time we went back on the field on Wednesday all the way through the week in terms of the preparation."

On how good it felt to get the 3rd down completions:
"I think those are the ones you know you can build on to count on there. By doing right longer, those are opportunities where we had some of those where we haven't been converting, so for us to know we are not wavering in how we do things it's a real systematic push to the tempo we want to play with. For us to execute in that scenario, I thought it was critical." 

On the run game opening the pass:
"It does help. I think we ended up with the completions and the run game over 50. Any time that happens, we control the clock. It was an important factor. We knew it was going to be eight-man fronts so we had to run the ball and it was going to be challenging. For the play-action (pass) to be effective, you have to be able to do that and I thought the guys grinded. There was some opportunities for us and it was an important part of the game."

On the relief of getting a win despite the mistakes:
"It was awesome to get a win. Any that you go through that struggle, you want to make sure, are the lessons being learned? Are the things we are doing right get rewarded in the terms of the effort, the mindset, the practice? We knew it was going to be a tough one and coming away with the win was the factor. "

On the Jaguars tying the game in the 3rd quarter:
"It was the first drive of the second half for them. Not exactly how we wanted to set it off defensively to start the second half. I knew it was going to take the whole time in terms of the finish. Usually, there is time in the game where the finish is at hand and it wasn't going to be at the start of the 3rd quarter. It was going to be in the 4th quarter when the finish was at hand, and today it went all the way until the end. We had some opportunities to convert third down and the defense made some stops. I had a sense it was come down to being a close one."


On interception late in first half:
"It was a good call by the coach, recognizing what they were going to do, and I jumped in there and made the play."

On being tripped up by former UCF teammate Blake Bortles:
"It was a good effort on his part. Most quarterbacks get down and are out of the play. It was a good play by him to save the touchdown."

On the win:
"We went out there and did what we had to do and came up with the win. Coaches said the number one thing is to finish and that's what we did today, just finished. Everyone contributed and did their job.


On making two third down conversion catches on last possession:
"I was just trying to play within myself and go out there and do my job. I was open and I just wanted to make the catch."

On breaking six-game losing streak:
"It definitely feels great and everyone in the locker room is feeling great after the win."

On stepping up when getting the opportunity:
"It's great and everybody comes to work every day, and when your name is called you have to be ready to go."


On the win:
"I feel like we played pretty good and there's still a lot of room for improvement. Overall we accomplished what we set out for and that was getting a 'W.'"

On offensive performance:
"We have a good team and we need to spread the ball around. Like you saw today, we have plenty of guys that could make plays. Hardy made a couple of key third downs, Roddy made a couple of key third downs and big catches in the game for us. Also Freeman in the backfield did a good job for us. Every week we just got to keep grinding and keep fighting."

On Freeman's performance:
"He's a punishing running back and he gives all of it on every play. It comes from practice and he works hard every day."

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