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Falcons React to Sunday's Loss Versus the Saints

Coach Quinn:
Opening Statement:
"[This was a] division game, we certainly thought it would come down to the fourth quarter and it absolutely did. We weren't surprised by that one bit. We expected a tough game and it was. We can't not finish a game and expect to have good results and win at the end like we did today. The personal foul kicked us out of field goal range; we had two turnovers in the fourth quarter, and ended up finishing minus one in turnover ratio. We can't do that and expect to have good results at the end. We will be a team that finishes games and we're not there yet but we will be. That mindset and attitude for the ball, to go after it, that part is going to happen and that's why I'm so excited with this team. We can't have that and expect good results on the finish that was today."

On Matt Ryan's play and what may have happened on that late interception:
"Regarding the interception, I'll have to go back and look at it and see, you know, was it a different coverage or something? I'll go back and look at it. I'm not sure on that one. I thought there were a lot of good examples. He ripped some good passes all the way through. The turnover at the end was for sure a factor."

On whether turnovers are a priority for him going into the offseason:
"The philosophy of our program, it is about the ball so for us not to live that and that part to get across is hard and we will. It's not an offensive issue or just a defensive issue; it's a team issue that we will get right. For us having the mindset to go after the ball and take care of it like unbelievably, that part will be really strong in our game and that'll be really evident to everybody who watches us play."

On what Andy Levitre was flagged for:
"I didn't see the play either. I know it was a downfield play so I was watching Justin Hardy at the end of the play. At first, I thought it might have been unnecessary roughness on a New Orleans player so I didn't see the play at the end. I'll have to look at that on tape tonight."

On what he learned in the second half of the season:
"I think one of the bigger ones has been having that balance, you know, offensively, that's a factor for sure. We're at our best when we're able to run it and have play action go offensively. Defensively, finding ways for us to create some more turnovers is the real key to it. There were times in the second half where we did that better and today was not an example of that. I think those two things, keep digging for the turnovers and then, offensively, I know we're at our best when we're balanced. That is the last thing. That message about the ball not coming all the way through, that's something I know we can improve upon."

On his opinion on whether any changes need to be made in the front office or coaching staff:
"We'll get together when we have all of us. We'll discuss everything from the whole program and it's one I love doing with [Arthur Blank]. He supports me unbelievably. We'll look at our entire program all together and it's one that we do on a regular basis."

On whether he cares to share any thoughts now:

On WR Julio Jones:
"The competitor that he is, I think when you're around him you get to sense for that, what it feels like everyday day in day out. Man, my respect for him as a competitor is through the roof. All the ways that he comes to bat for the team blocking, catching, and big plays. He's a really unique player, from the size and speed standpoint but he's even more unique as a competitor."

On whether the bad moments stand out more than the good moments:
"I can relate to that. It certainly is today, and I really had expectations about the way we'd finish as a club so for us not to have that today. There were a number of good things especially over the last couple of weeks I couldn't have been more pleased about.  I thought the effort was on point when you watch our club play. They do play really hard and that part I'm proud of. If we can get our football exactly like we like when we get out football taking care of it and going after it, that's when we'll be at our best."

On Devonta Freeman's season:
"What a competitor, isn't he? It's all the unique stuff that he does. It's not just the runs, it's the catches out of the backfield, the first downs that he has, it's the explosive plays that he makes. He exemplifies everything I love about ball with the energy, the passion, and the juice that he brings to us. He just lives it every day and he's got a terrific future ahead of him."

On when the staff will get together and start evaluating:
"That'll begin tomorrow, in terms of the evaluation process. We've got a lengthy process that we want to go through in terms of finding ways to do things better in every way. That'll be an important part of what'll take place this week."

On whether it's lack of players that have the ability in key areas:
"For us the mindset to develop, the finishing, and attitude going after the ball. I totally believe that's a mental one. I've been through that before, in terms of turnover margin is not where you want it and where you can get it to. I know exactly what that looks like and I can't wait to do it."

On the development process of Joey Mbu and Akeem King:
"I was really proud of Akeem. He especially matched up there at the end. We played a dime, we had a man-to-man one on his leverage. I thought it was a really significant play by him and one to give him confidence, and two for all his teammates, man, you can count on him."

QB Matt Ryan:
On what he saw on the last throw:
"It got muddied inside and I didn't see the defender coming on the left side. It was a bad decision on my part and a disappointing way to end the game."

On his play this season:
"There's been some good. I don't think I can put it in one word. There's been some good and some not-so-good. That's one of the things I want to clean up this offseason."

On the offensive flow today:
"Obviously it wasn't good enough for us to win, but I thought we did a lot of good things on offense. I think we had over 400 yards and for us to walk away with only 17 points is probably the most disappointing part of the entire game. I thought we had plenty of opportunities to capitalize off some of the things we did well offensively and we weren't able to put it in the end zone and ultimately that was what cost us."

On Julio Jones:
"It was unbelievable to be a part of it. His season was as good as you can play individually. He's a big part of our success and has been in the past. I'm just so happy for him, so proud of him. He's the best teammate you can possibly ask for and it was fun to be a part of it."

On how his season went:
"When you don't have an opportunity to keep playing into the playoffs and you didn't play as well as you would like, obviously that's disappointing. There will be some things that I think we can correct. I think there were a lot of positives, a lot of really good things we did this year, but at the end of the day, we didn't do them often enough and I didn't do them often enough."

On mistakes in the fourth quarter:
"We had opportunities throughout the entire game, specifically in the second half, to finish that game and we didn't do anything to help ourselves in those situations. From that standpoint, it's disappointing because we talk all the time about finishing. Finishing the right way. That's what Dan [Quinn] preaches every day and we didn't do that."

WR Roddy White:
On his future here in Atlanta:
"I'm going to be a Falcon next year, and we're going to roll from there. I don't think too much about me not being here or things like that. I've been here for a very long time, and I would just like to extend my stay for however many years I am under contract, and have a good time while I'm here."

On what he will tell Matt Ryan going into the offseason:
"That I love him and I care about him, and he's my quarterback forever and ever, amen."

On if he has been given any indications about his future here:
"No. I feel like my future is secure as long as I continue to come out here and do my job, do what they ask me to do."

WR Julio Jones:On what he will remember most from this season:
"That we didn't finish the way we wanted to finish this year. We got hot then couldn't find a way to win a game. The effort was there, but we just couldn't get over the hump. We've been playing pretty well the last two games, and this game right here was more so us playing for each other."

On what it means to pass Jerry Rice for most yards in a season:
"Nothing. I just do what my team asks of me. I just try to go out there and make plays, and I'm going to try to do better next year. Jerry Rice is a great receiver, I feel like he's the GOAT [greatest of all time], but I don't have anything to say about passing his record."

DE Kroy Biermann:On trying to stop the Saints offense:
"As a unit, we played together. They got a couple big runs on us. They were able to drive the field on us, which is going to wear on the defense a little bit.  It is just unfortunate."

On the team this season:
"I know this coaching staff is on the right track. Their philosophies are second to none. They know what they are doing. They are getting guys to grow and develop. We live and learn through the trials and tribulations and in the victories. There is a lot to be said and a lot to learn from this season."

DE Jonathan Babineaux:On the remainder of the season after the 5-0 start:
"I think we all had the confidence going into each game looking forward to winning, competing, and having fun out there. It just did not turn out the way we wanted it to."

On Falcons fans:
"If you are a die-hard fan, then you will be here. I am not worrying about the fans that want to be here when we win. It is about the fans that are here when we are losing too."

On the Falcons being on the rise:
"No doubt. With Dan Quinn and his staff, this organization is going to go to a Super Bowl. I guarantee it."

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