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Falcons Post-Game Quotes


Falcons head coach Mike Smith

Opening Statement:

"Every time you take the field you want to win, and that's our goal is to win the ballgame. We didn't get that done tonight. Although we didn't get that done, there were a lot of good things, there were a lot of bad things, and there were some okay things in the ballgame. I did like several things that I saw out there and we as a coaching staff of course will dissect it when we watch the tape tomorrow and make the corrections. There's a lot of things that we need to fix and that's what preseason is for. It's for you to evaluate your team, put your roster together and this is just step one in the four steps that we go through as we get ready for the regular season."

On the play of Julio Jones in the first three series:

"I think Julio got indoctrinated into what the NFL is about and in terms of the plays he made, I think they were outstanding. I think all three touches were for first downs. He showed some skills that we saw when he was playing at the University of Alabama, and we'll watch the tape I think we'll find something's that we've got to correct. We all made mistakes, starting with me in terms of the game management and all of that. I really thought that Julio did some good things."

On the first-team defense performance with two interceptions and punt:

"That's the way to start your season in the preseason. You want to have a fast start and I thought the defense did a very good job with ball disruptions, and taking the ball away is a big emphasis point. I think two interceptions and a three-and-out in the first two plays was a good way we would like to start. Again, I want to be a little cautious because you have to watch the tape and see what really transpired out there. The effort by everybody on our team; they were running to the football just like they were in the first minute. That gives you a chance."

On giving the determination of getting Julio Jones the ball:

"I don't think it was we were determined to get him the ball, but it was the way the defense was trying to defend us, then that's where the ball is going to go. That's the way our offense is designed. If they are going to try to take somebody away, then we're going to make sure we try to get it to the guy that's getting the one-on-one or getting the match-up that we like. We script our first 15 and our first 15 is scripted based on how people are going to defend us."

Falcons Quarterback Matt Ryan

On the play of the offense:

"I thought we did a good job offensively. The first drive, I don't think we executed the way we wanted to, but after we knocked off some of that rust and the defense gave us a short field. Those are situations that are going to come up during the year and I thought we did a great job capitalizing on the short field and going down and putting points on. On the third drive, I felt like we got into a little bit of a rhythm and we did a really nice job."

On Julio Jones passing his first NFL test:

"I thought he did a good job tonight. I think he had two catches when I was in there. He was on top of the game-plan, with the condensed game plan that we had. He was on top of that. He went out there and ran really good routes. All–in-all, I thought he did a good job. He did a nice job on the reverse too, being a ball carrier. If he continues to do that the rest of the way, he's going to do a great job for us."

On his touchdown pass to WR Harry Douglas:

"Harry ran a great route. That was the key there. He kept his speed up towards the top of the route and then broke towards the post. He really made a good catch in between two guys. That's a good sign for us. If Harry can continue to work on what he's done the past two years and build from that, it's really going to be beneficial for us."

Falcon's Wide Receiver Julio Jones

On being the main focus early in the game:

"When I came out earlier in the offseason, before everybody got here, I feel that helped me out catching balls from Matt. Then, coming to me early eased me into the game."

On how it felt throughout the game:

"Everything felt comfortable. From a practice standpoint, the way we practice and we get after it, prepared me for the game."

On the first play possibly going for a touchdown:

"It's early on, we've been in training camp for just two weeks. It's just something we have to work on."

Defensive Tackle Jonathan Babineaux

On playing another team:

"It's always good when you go against competition. We've been beating up on each other all camp. Going out and having the opportunity to compete against somebody else, it feels good. You know, it feels good going out there and hitting another guy with a different jersey on."

Thoughts on the reps he got in tonight's game, and if he feels they will be ready for week two:

"I think the coaches were satisfied with what we did. Everything we do is up to them. Each game we're going to take it a step farther than what we did tonight. For the most part, the defense looked great. We were in there for five plays, and got two turnovers; that's real good. Great stuff for the preseason; hopefully we can continue next week against Jacksonville."

On the interception John Abraham got:

"It was good. Abe had the opportunity and the ball hit him right in the hands. I was happy that he caught it this time. It was good for him, and good for the team. It was actually a positive thing for us. It's something that can motivate us to come out on the next series and continue to fire off on them."

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