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Falcons Offer Guidance For Purchasing Tickets from Secondary Market

The Atlanta Falcons would like to remind fans that because of the high demand for tickets to the sold out NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers  there is a potential danger of counterfeit tickets being re-sold in the secondary market.  Because of the heightened demand for Falcons playoff tickets, the club is encouraging fans looking for tickets to purchase from the NFL Ticket Exchange by Ticketmaster, the official resale marketplace of the NFL where NFC Championship tickets are guaranteed and authenticated upon purchase. (

  • The NFL Ticket Exchange is the only resale marketplace authorized by the NFL and the only one that features Ticketmaster's barcode authentication technology on NFC Championship tickets. For fans, this means access to the safest, most secure online resale marketplace to buy and resell NFL tickets.
  • The NFL Ticket Exchange by Ticketmaster offers interactive seating maps that allow fans to search tickets by location and price. NFC Championship tickets are validated and electronically reissued to the buyer through Ticketmaster's exclusive barcode technology. Additionally, fans have instant access to their tickets via Ticketmaster's electronic delivery, which enables purchasers to print their tickets within minutes of each sale. Purchasing NFC Championship tickets from the official NFL Ticket Exchange is the only way to guarantee that you will receive authentic resale tickets. Purchasing thru any other online or in-person option is extremely risky and is not recommended.  However, the following are additional tips for purchasing NFC Championship game tickets safely:
  • When buying from an individual or through other online exchanges, do not be lured away from the website by the seller.
  • Fans choosing to buy tickets through an online auction are advised to choose a seller with a long and continuous history of satisfied customers.
  • Fans should never pay with a cashier's check or wire money to the seller, as there may be no way to get money back if the tickets are not received. Fans are advised to pay with a credit card or through PayPal, which offer some amount of protection and potential reimbursement.
  •  Many sellers will include pictures of the tickets with their posts on auction sites or message boards. Fans should scrutinize these tickets closely for any inaccuracies or alterations, and cross-check the seat assignment with the map on the Georgia Dome's website.
  • Beware of buying tickets from anyone selling them on the street or in front of the Georgia Dome. Scalpers are typically unregulated, unlicensed ticket sellers, which leaves you unprotected from fraud, including stolen and counterfeit tickets.  
    Fans can access NFL Ticket Exchange from and The NFL Ticket Exchange's dedicated customer service can be reached at (888) 635-5944 and by email at

"The NFL Ticket Exchange powered by Ticketmaster, the only marketplace for fans to buy and sell guaranteed authentic NFL tickets, provides Atlanta Falcons fans looking to buy or sell their playoff tickets a safe, convenient, and League-approved resale platform," said Clay Luter, Ticketmaster's senior vice president of Stadium, Outdoor & College Sports.  "Through the NFL Ticket Exchange, the Falcons are able to deliver fans access to the only barcode-authenticated playoff game tickets."

In an effort to help eliminate the sale of fake and counterfeit tickets, the Falcons have incorporated several security devices built into playoff tickets. Some of the overt security devices include a foil stamped playoff logo, thermo chromic ink, and a specially-made gloss varnish. A counterfeit ticket may be missing one or even several of these or other security features.

Fans purchasing tickets from other sources should be advised that tickets may appear to look authentic but in many cases will not be valid or may be counterfeit. If you purchase invalid or counterfeit tickets, the Falcons will not be able to offer alternative ticket options as both potential games are sold out.

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