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Falcons Offer Guidance for Purchasing Tickets from Secondary Market


Because of the heightened demand for tickets to Atlanta Falcons home games at the Georgia Dome, the club has advised the following suggested guidelines to avoid purchasing counterfeit tickets:

Fans may choose to purchase tickets at The NFL Ticket Exchange is the only resale marketplace endorsed by the NFL, providing fans with the opportunity to purchase seats listed by Falcons season ticket holders or other fans. *

When buying from an individual or through other online exchanges, do not be lured away from the website by the seller. *

Fans choosing to buy tickets through an online auction are advised to choose a seller with a long and continuous history of satisfied customers. *

Fans should never pay with a cashier's check or wire money to the seller, as there may be no way to get money back if the tickets are not received. Fans are advised to pay with a credit card or through PayPal, which offer some amount of protection and potential reimbursement. *

Many sellers will include pictures of the tickets with their posts on auction sites or message boards. Fans should scrutinize these tickets closely for any inaccuracies or alterations, and cross-check the seat assignment with our interactive map.

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