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Falcons Memorable Season Ends With 49ers


The Falcons have come back from deficits all season, posting points on the board when the odds were against them and putting game-winning drive after game-winning drive together all season to get themselves into the NFC Championship game, as the host, the first time in franchise history they've done so.

As the season wore on it seemed the doubters grew, weekly anticipating the Falcons would fall. Atlanta continued to support their team and the Falcons believed in themselves and they continued to win, even last week against Seattle when the Seahawks came storming back to take the lead with less than a minute remaining.

Atlanta won there and they controlled the game on Sunday against the 49ers, but San Francisco's offense had a little more than Atlanta's did late in the second half. Though the Falcons turned the ball over twice in the second half, the Falcons defense managed to keep the 49ers off the scoreboard, but a late Frank Gore touchdown run gave the 49ers an edge that would remain for the game.

Trailing 28-24, the Falcons mounted a furious drive, going all the way into the redzone, but couldn't convert a fourth-and-4 situation. Though they forced a punt on San Francisco's final possession, the remaining 13 seconds wasn't enough to work with to get the win.

Atlanta ends the 2012 season with a 14-3 record and enough comebacks to fill a lifetime of memories, although the last one didn't quite come to fruition.

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