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Falcons Make Prisco's List


While the NFL Network is conducting its Top 100 players of 2012 , many in the media are issuing their own responses to the list. NFL Network's is unique in that it is using rankings generated by active players in the NFL. So far on that list, the Falcons have two players in the 100-61 range.'s Pete Prisco just released his own list and he's got four Falcons players on the list, one of which may surprise some folks.

Number 95 on the list is running back Michael Turner. Turner was No. 52 on last year's list and he was No. 88 on the NFL Network's list.

At No. 75 is linebacker Sean Weatherspoon, unranked on Prisco's list last season. Prisco says Weatherspoon will become the star of Atlanta's defense. "As he became more comfortable with his responsibilities he looked much improved," Prisco wrote. The Falcons intend to let Weatherspoon be one of the leaders of the defense in 2012, with play-calling duties as well. If he performs well, he'll be well on his way to stardom as Prisco predicts.

Roddy White showed up next at No. 61. Last season he was No. 36 on Prisco's list. On Wednesday evening White was named No. 65 on NFL Network's list. Prisco says that as Julio Jones continues to grow into Atlanta's offense, he anticipates White will be able to do even more, calling him one of the one better receivers in the NFC.

The last Falcon on the list, Matt Ryan, came in at No. 48. Last season he was No. 50 on the list. There's a lot of speculation among the Falcons' fanbase as to whether Ryan will make the NFL Network's Top 100. Prisco thinks one of the few things keeping Ryan from taking the next step into a new status of league quarterback is playoff wins.

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