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Falcons, GWCC Authority and Invest Atlanta Issue Equal Business Opportunity Plan

The Atlanta Falcons announced today the completion of an Equal Business Opportunity (EBO) Plan related to the design and construction of the new multi-purpose stadium in Atlanta.  This plan formalizes commitments contained in a Tri-Party Memorandum of Understanding (Tri-Party MOU) completed on April 5, 2013, between the Falcons' stadium development company (StadCo), the Georgia World Congress Center Authority and Invest Atlanta. 

From the inception of the new stadium project discussions, StadCo has stated its commitment to complying with all applicable legal requirements for the achievement of equal opportunities in employment and contracting on the new stadium. The EBO Plan details policies and procedures for achieving a minimum goal of 31 percent participation by minority and female business enterprises (M/FBEs) in the design and construction of the new stadium.  The plan also contains requirements for reporting and monitoring participation, and describes the assistance that Invest Atlanta and the Georgia World Congress Center Authority will provide in meeting the participation goal.  

"The EBO Plan completed today lays out a thorough and transparent process for encouraging and engaging qualified minority and female businesses in the new stadium project," Atlanta Falcons President and CEO Rich McKay said.  "This plan provides a roadmap for us, as well as our architects and general contractors, to achieve our goals." 

In order to be counted towards the 31 percent participation goal, each M/FBE must be considered a "Georgia Certified Contractor or Vendor," requiring certification in the City of Atlanta's Equal Business Opportunity Program as a Female Business Enterprise (FBE), an African American Business Enterprise (AABE), an Asian (Pacific Islander) American Business Enterprise (APABE), or a Hispanic American Business Enterprise (HABE). 

M/FBEs seeking additional information regarding the City of Atlanta certification process may access A summary of the EBO Plan is outlined in the attached document.  A copy of the EBO Plan is available on

Atlanta New Stadium ProjectEqual Business Plan Opportunity Summary

  • The EBO Plan includes a minimum goal of 31 percent participation by M/FBEs that are "Georgia Certified Contractors and Vendors."  The 31 percent participation is measured as a percentage of the dollar value of the "modified project costs," which excludes certain real property and utilities costs, certain professional fees, certain specialty work that StadCo and Invest Atlanta determine cannot be performed by Georgia Certified Contractors and Vendors, and other costs as defined in the EBO Plan.
  • The M/FBE participation goal applies to the aggregate participation from all Georgia Certified Contractors and Vendors engaged by any of the contracting parties participating in the design and construction of the new stadium.  Accordingly, it is anticipated different participation levels will result among different contracting parties.
  • StadCo will use the City's M/FBE database and other available sources to identify qualified M/FBEs.
  • StadCo will participate in outreach efforts and programs designed to assist M/FBEs to become certified as Georgia Certified Contractors and Vendors.
  • StadCo will use best efforts to cause the general contractor to comply with the City's First Source Jobs Program in connection with the design and construction of the new stadium.
  • The general contractor will work with StadCo and Invest Atlanta to host, plan, advertise and conduct at least two sessions intended to facilitate the introduction of small businesses and Georgia Certified Contractors and Vendors to the general contractor.
  • StadCo has primary responsibility to monitor and audit overall compliance with the EBO Plan.  The general contractor and lead architect are responsible for monitoring and accurately collecting M/FBE data from their respective contractors and reporting such data to StadCo. StadCo will promptly provide such information as received to Invest Atlanta and the Georgia World Congress Center Authority on no less than a quarterly basis.
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