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Falcons GM on Freeman: We want him to be around for years to come

Contract negotiation talks between the Falcons and running back Devonta Freeman continue to make headlines this offseason.

The Falcons have stated they want Freeman to be a Falcon for years to come, and the two-time Pro Bowler said that he wants to stay in Atlanta.

Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff provided an update on where the team stands in regards to Freeman's long-term future while speaking with Adam Schein on Friday during his Schein on Sports radio show.

"Like I've said before, we want him here and he's a very important part of our organization. Contrary to what people were saying around the Super Bowl time with what came out, we're ready in the relatively near future to have some discussions with their representation," Dimitroff said.

"Devonta, he's a really good guy, he's really -- as far as his personality -- he's so hyper competitive. He's an urgent, angry runner, which we want and we know is important for us. We want him to be around for years to come and we're confident that we'll be able to get it done."

Rather than letting the outside noise consume his mind, Freeman is focused on continuing to master his craft.

"I'm going to play," Freeman said. "Like I said, business is going to get handled regardless of what, so I just come to work. I'm going to play regardless. I love football. I love to compete. It doesn't matter about what I did last year, how many Pro Bowls I got, a thousand yards. I want to do it again and even get better, hopefully one day be a Hall of Famer. I want to leave a legacy. And holding out, that's not going to leave a legacy, because if I hold out, I'm behind. I don't want to be behind. I want to gain."

Freeman, 25, is beginning his fourth year in the league. In three seasons he's rushed for 2,383 yards and 23 touchdowns. He also has 157 receptions for 1,265 yards and six touchdowns coming out of the backfield.

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