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Falcons Earn Another Top 10


Seems like everyone has a list these days, but I say that as a good thing. Personally, I love to see lists and rankings.

First of all, they're easy to digest, which means my frayed attention span doesn't have to linger for too long before going back to thoughts of whatever it is I spend the majority of my time thinking about.

But, secondly, lists are also good for a dose of healthy debate. And who doesn't love that?'s Adam Schein released his rankings of the best organizations in the NFL. He puts all 32 organizations on the hot seat by judging them on six critical categories: owner, quarterback, head coach, front office, coaching staff and intangibles.

Schein says this is not a power ranking, so don't view it as such. Instead, it's more of a well-informed ranking where each category was obviously scrutinized. I'm OK with his list and his findings, especially since the Falcons are in the top 10 of this particular list.

I'm sure most of you will agree with the flattering ranking of the Falcons' organization, but feel free to use your power of vote to debate Schein's list.

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