Falcons Continue to Focus on Fundamentals

After a weekend off, the Falcons were back at work in Flowery Branch on Monday.

The much-needed rest period allowed players and coaches a chance to evaluate the positives and negatives to this point of the season.

While Atlanta boasts an impressive 5-1 record, head coach Dan Quinn continuously stresses the importance of constant improvement amongst his team, win or loss.

Quinn would like to see improvement in two specific areas: the pass rush and ball security. Atlanta ranks 30th in the NFL in pass rush and the rookie head coach would like to see that statistic improve.

"It really comes right down to our technique," Quinn said of the pass rush. "We're going to work really hard to do that. We'll have some four man rush or some five man rush, but we went back through all of them and look at pressures, rushes, which fronts are better for us, which ways we can convert better, so the good news is there's a lot for us to improve on and I can't wait to see that happen."

The second area that Quinn hopes for improvement in is ball security. The Falcons have turned the ball over eight times, four interceptions and four fumbles.

"From the turnovers, we totally live by the ball," Quinn said. "For us to have a game where we're minus three makes it really difficult to win. We know the importance of it. We didn't create any defensively, so I believe that was the first game where we didn't have a takeaway in. On both sides, there are lots of areas to improve."

No matter the opponent, no matter the game, the Falcons remain solely focused on their individual and team improvement.

"We're not going to allow other teams to dictate how we play and what we think," Quinn said. "I love that message about how we how we play and our own style. We'll leave it right there."

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