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Falcons coach Dan Quinn explains why he asked Steve Sarkisian to call plays from the box

ATLANTA – After calling the first four games of the season from the sideline, Falcons offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian called plays from upstairs in the coaches' box on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins.


Sarkisian split his time calling games from both in the preseason, ultimately deciding to stay on the field. That changed Sunday.

The bye week allowed head coach Dan Quinn and his staff to self-evaluate the first quarter of the season, and one of the takeaways from the week off was Quinn asking his offensive coordinator to call plays from the box.

"Through the off-season, it was one of the topics that I discussed with him, and during the preseason we tried both. I preferred him being up and just seeing everything. It was really after the bye, and he said, 'No problem.' It was really more by my design, the ability to have the calls to the quarterback right there and seeing everything [including] the hash and the yard line really quickly. I think in our system; it benefits you to be in the press box."

In Atlanta's 20-17 loss to the Dolphins, the Falcons finished with 339 total yards of offense – 100 yards on the ground, 239 in the air.

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