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Falcons Cartoon: Who's Your Daddy?


Each Friday during the season, cartoonist Mark Tucker, a.k.a. SuperFan on the FalconsLIFE message board, will post a cartoon inspired by the Falcons' upcoming game.

Props go out for this one to FalconsLIFE member SatJackSA_ATLFAN who suggested the following for the weekly cartoon contest/Eagles game: "An eagle in its nest, sitting on its eggs, looking down at them very confused, with several of them cracked open with baby falcons in them. And Falco in the background saying, 'Who's your Daddy?' "

I thought it was a great idea and it was a blast to illustrate!

To join in the discussion on the this week's cartoon, visit the thread on the FalconsLIFE message board.

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