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Falcons Cartoon: FALCO says, 'I am the Dawg whisperer'


Each Friday during the season, cartoonist Mark Tucker, a.k.a. SuperFan on the FalconsLIFE message board, will post a cartoon inspired by the Falcons' upcoming game.

Congrats to FalconsLIFE member putnam6 for the winning suggestion for last week's cartoon contest for the Browns game! Putnam6 suggested: "Very simple. Have a dog there wagging its tail. Have Falco looming over the dog with the Hick'ry Stick behind his back saying 'You want the stick, boy? You want the stick?' " There were several good ideas, but Falco told me he wanted to do this one!

To join in the discussion about this week's cartoon, visit the FalconsLIFE message board.

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