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Falcons Cartoon: FALCO has a throwback nightmare

4c97b2b7b6973db101190000.jpg cartoonist and FalconsLIFE message board regular Mark Tucker — a.k.a. SuperFan on FalconsLIFE — will create a Falcons inspired cartoon every Friday that is sure to inspire laughs and get you ready for Sunday.


This cartoon was inspired from entries to the weekly cartoon contest from FalconsLIFE message board members Falconidae and Goal Line D, who both suggested a tribute of sorts to the great 49ers team of the '80s and our old NFC West rivals. I decided to make it more specific to two of the greatest players to ever suit up for a ballgame, Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, and I thought it was very fitting since we're wearing our throwback gear for this game.

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